What is different about the new Haven home?

This home will be a commercial grade facility built to support the active lifestyle of girls ages 11 to 18. Utilities, furnishings, surfaces and equipment will all contribute to making this a home that will serve for years to come. It will have adequate space for more effectively and efficiently feeding, housing and educating the residents. It will provide a more secure facility with adequate personal space along with private bedrooms for each child. The girls will be able to cook and eat all meals together as a family. There will be space for study/tutoring, exercise, confidential counseling sessions, private family visits and secure staff offices. This home will have upgraded security on the interior and exterior of the building.

The building will meet ADA standards, which our current facility does not. Our “forever home” will have a fenced backyard where our current house is close to railroad tracks without yard space for recreational activities. There will also be adequate parking for staff and visitors.

Why does Haven need community support?

The Haven Board, through their strategic planning process, determined that its current facility no longer meets the security, access and livability needs of an older group (11-18 years) of adolescent female foster residents.

The Conway community has supported Haven since the Junior Auxiliary founded it in 1986. Community funding has been the consistent source of Haven support. Today’s support can help the Haven Board enhance its programs to a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency and meet the needs of a changing foster care child demographic.

What is a comprehensive campaign?

A comprehensive campaign is one that seeks the support of all types of Conway area donors: individuals, foundations and businesses. It raises funds for the capital project and operations.

Twenty percent of each donation will be placed in an endowment account to ensure maintenance of the facility and replacement of furnishings and equipment for the future.

The campaign provides a range of giving options so each donor has the opportunity to underwrite and designate rooms, services and programs.

Area businesses will have the opportunity to provide in-kind gifts of services, equipment and furnishings.

Who is leading the campaign?

Every Child Deserves A Home campaign is led by Campaign Chair Susan Salter and a Steering Committee of Conway area community volunteers: Danielle Burnell, Jennifer Crain, Beckye Ezell, Jessica Havard, Eric King, Diana Grissom Kirkland, Janice Malone, Pam McDowell, Candace Meeks, Lori Quinn, Kristie Ross, Ashley Salter, Sandra Schreckenhofer and Chris Throneberry.

Why is Haven asking the community to invest in a home for adolescent girls in foster care?

The need for foster care support is rapidly growing in Arkansas. There are currently over 5,000 children in foster care in our state. These children need a secure, welcoming facility during their time of crisis.

The Haven Board sees a strategic need for a commercial grade facility to support an older, more active clientele. The investment that we are asking is to help us make it possible for every child to have a home because we believe strongly that ... Every Child Deserves A Home.

What message can I share with the people of the community?

The message is this: you can ensure that Haven continues to serve adolescent girls with enhanced security, accessibility, privacy and comfort.

Since Haven’s inception in 1986 the Conway community has supported our mission. Now, Conway residents can invest in a more spacious, secure and functioning home for future generations of girls.

This campaign is an excellent vehicle for the Conway community to ensure that Haven has the facility, resources and operating endowment to continue and to enhance its 30-year history of helping adolescent victims in emergency need.

What benefits will this campaign offer to donors?

In over 30 years of service to Conway and the nearby region, Haven has regularly called on residents to support its operations. In this campaign donors will be able to support the new home by underwriting a room or living area.

A plaque at the location and on the campaign donor wall will recognize each naming opportunity.

A cash, pledge or in-kind gift given by individuals or businesses is fully tax-deductible. Haven is an IRS-approved charitable entity.

What changes will this campaign bring to Haven?

Haven has operated over the last 30 years in residential homes. Each of these three homes have been serviceable, but required extensive upkeep because of the high level of use.

The new “forever home” at Tyler and Country Club will be a commercial grade facility. It will feature spaces to support ten adolescent girls and four older foster children in transition in a secure, serviceable and livable home.

It will combine hominess with durable surfaces, commercial equipment and private spaces for counseling and reunions. The functionality of the facility will enable the Haven staff to be more effective and efficient. The clients will benefit from a more therapeutic and family-like experience. Security, access, privacy and convenience will be features of the new home.

You may donate online at havenconway.org/donate or by calling 501.327.1701. Donors also have the opportunity to include Haven in their will or estate plan. Haven is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Join Us in The Campaign to Support Haven

The Haven board seeks to replace its worn out four-bedroom home and to build a new “forever home” to serve its clients in a commercial grade facility with better access, space, security and privacy.

For individuals, your gift is fully tax deductible. Haven is an IRS-approved charity. The reserve funds will be invested at Centennial Bank.

In its 30 years of operation in Conway, this is our first comprehensive campaign to build a facility that is not a residential quality home. Our new commercial grade home will provide our clients and staff with a facility that will serve the growing demands of the Arkansas foster child community for years to come.

Gifts to this campaign will provide for much-needed living space for the adolescent girls who call Haven home.