Susan Salter, Campaign Chair
Susan Salter, Campaign Chair

From Every Child Deserves A Home Campaign Chair

I encourage Conway area residents to help me deliver this "forever home" to the Haven girls by making a gift or naming one of its rooms. Conway Junior Auxiliary has supported Haven since its inception, through three houses and 3,000 girls in need of a secure home during their time of crisis.

I am chairing the Every Child Deserves A Home campaign to move Haven to its next level; to provide more space, security, privacy and access that our girls deserve.


Our First Comprehensive Campaign:
Every Child Deserves A Home

In its 30 years of operation in Conway, this is our first comprehensive campaign to build a facility that is not a residential quality home. Our new commercial grade home will provide our clients and staff with a facility that will serve the growing demands of the Arkansas foster child community for years to come.

Gifts to this campaign will provide for much-needed living space for the adolescent girls who call Haven home.

Our Steering Committee

Campaign Steering Committee: Marti Jones, Beckye Ezell, Jennifer Crain, Ashley Salter, Pam McDowell, Eric King, Susan Salter, Chris Throneberry, Lori Quinn, Danielle Burnell, Janice Malone, Diana Kirkland, Kristie Ross, Jessica Havard, Candace Meeks and Sandra Schrekenhofer.

Providing A Safe Haven

It's been 30 years since the Conway community came together to offer a safe Haven for abused and neglected children. In that time, Haven has occupied three different locations and helped an estimated 3,000 adolescent girls. The mission remains the same:

To provide a safe, nurturing environment for every child who comes here.

The residents are girls who typically have been victims of abuse and neglect.

The current Haven home on Donaghey was purchased in 2004. It has served well over the past 12 years, but the house is showing its age and wear and tear from the residents’ activity level. This 3,000 square foot house has only four bedrooms and two baths. It does not provide adequate living space or privacy for 12 adolescent girls; things are quite crowded.

Haven requires a 9,000 square foot house to meet the needs of its residents – providing privacy, access and security in a welcoming family atmosphere.


Join Us in The Campaign to Support Haven

The Haven board seeks to replace its worn out four-bedroom home and to build a new “forever home” to serve its clients in a commercial grade facility with better access, space, security and privacy.

For individuals, your gift is fully tax-deductible. Haven is an IRS-approved charity. The reserve funds will be invested at Centennial Bank.