Support Haven and Create a Family Legacy

The Haven board decided that naming opportunities are the best practice for building and sustaining its new forever home. Naming enables individuals, families and businesses in Conway to support the enhancement of foster care in our community. There are 56 room- or facility-naming opportunities and 101 in-kind gift-naming opportunities for the Conway community to consider.

What does the naming gift do for Haven?

The naming underwrites the construction and furnishing of the house. Then the annual endowment investment return supports regular facility maintenance, replacing and updating furnishings and equipment and refreshing the girls’ rooms and facilities to ensure that the “forever home” is always fresh, clean and welcoming.

What recognition does a donor get for their gift?

Each naming and in-kind gift opportunity assure you of three recognitions:

  • The donor and gift will be mentioned in the campaign concluding report and publicity.
  • A plaque will be displayed on the named room or facility.
  • A campaign celebration display in the Haven home lobby will permanently recognize those who helped Haven realize its dream.

Thank you to our donors for naming 48 rooms to date.

There are 7 remaining naming opportunities.

7 Naming Opportunities Still Available:

  • 1 single bedroom = $38,000
  • Commercial-grade kitchen appliances = $45,000
  • 1 laundry/safe room = $45,000
  • 1 upstairs staff break room = $35,000
  • Landscaping = $42,000
  • Dining Room = $125,000
  • House Name = $450,000

Reasons Why Haven Needs Space

Haven requires a 9,000 square foot house to meet the changing needs of its residents – providing privacy, access and security in a welcoming family atmosphere. security in a welcoming

Since 1986 Haven has served its adolescent girls in 4-bedroom houses lacking adequate privacy, storage, counseling, study, cooking or dining space.  Our Tyler at Country Club “forever home” will meet the security, access and privacy needs of the girls now and for decades to come.  Learn why each of these spaces is not just necessary, but vital to the continuing success of our Haven program.

“Sold” List - Marked in Bright Green on Floorplans

  1. Property at Country Club and Tyler - Jim and Joanna Rankin
  2. Reception/Waiting Area - Gene and Susan Salter
  3. Conference Room - Chris and Minette Throneberry
  4. Professional Counseling Office - Chris and Jennifer Crain
  5. Main Staff Office - Todd and Kristie Ross
  6. Director’s Office - Centennial Bank
  7. Store - Hawks Family Foundation
  8. Covered Back Porch - Haven Board of Directors (Alicia Brown, Alica Brown, Danielle Burnell, Robin Cunningham, Holly DeBoard, Tanya Ford, Brad French, Linda Glover, Linda Hargis, Andy Harris, Taylor May, Sarah Parsley, Alison Wish)
  9. Basketball Court - Michael Tullis
  10. Visitors’ Entrance - Lori Quinn and Velda Lueders
  11. Quiet Space #1 - Laureate NU Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi
  12. Mudroom - Jackie Bracey, Jimmie Burnette, Alicia Kunert & Beth Milligan
  13. Staff Entrance - Malvern National Bank
  14. Phone Booth #1 - Steve and Sandra Schrekenhofer
  15. Front Patio - Bill and Susan Farris
  16. Back Porch #2 - Dr. Don and Molly Steely
  17. Pharmacy - David and Shirley Smith (Smith Family Pharmacy)
  18. Computer/Study Room - Bunny & Carol Adcock (Adcock Family Foundation)
  19. Phone Booth #2 - Nancy Crisp-Williams and Traci Williams-Smith
  20. Quiet Space #2 - Brent & Ashley Salter, Dr. Jason & Jessica Havard, Blake & Jennifer Day and Dr. Lensey & Felissa Scott
  21. Assistant Directors Office - Nabholz Foundation
  22. Therapist Office - Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  23. Game Room - Dale and Cheryl Bruns and Ray and Ginger Johnson
  24. Covered Portico - Kenne, Cathy and Sam Ketcheside & Kirk and Cate McConnell
  25. Visitor Parking Lot - First Security Bank
  26. Central Hallway - Rogers Group, Inc.
  27. Personal Care Room - Beckye and Larry Ezell in Honor of Martha McConnell
  28. Backyard - Bell and Company, PA
  29. Exercise Room - Conway Regional Hospital
  30. Living Room-Conway Corporation
  31. Upstairs Office - Joy and Larry Crain, Jr.
  32. Bedroom #1 - Arkansas Gives Day
  33. Bedroom #2 - Candace, Bethany and Meagan Stiles & First Service Bank
  34. Bedroom #3 - Jim and Fran Bailey and Carl and Sally Harris
  35. Bedroom #4 - Don and Cathy Potter (In Memory of Chase Potter) - "Friends" of Chase Race & Paws
  36. Bedroom #5 - Lander & Suzanne Smith and Dr. Justin & Shelley Charton
  37. Bedroom #6 - Jeanne Smyers in memory of Mike Smyers
  38. Bedroom #7 - Kevin and Tonya Leach
  39. Bedroom #8 - Jr. Auxiliary of Conway
  40. Bedroom #9 - Baptist Health
  41. Kitchen - Sunderland Foundation
  42. Bathroom #1 - “Friends” of Stoby’s
  43. Bathroom #2 - Kimberly Clark - Conway and Kimberly Clark - Maumelle
  44. Bathroom #3 - Integrity Insurance in honor of Robin Dunlap
  45. Bathroom #4 - Melissa Longing (In Memory of Danny Longing)
  46. “Aging Out” Bedroom #1 - Charlie & Susan DeBoard and Bobbi Roberts
  47. “Aging Out” Bedroom #2 - Charles & Susie Morgan
  48. Staff Parking Lot - Kaufman Lumber


Haven has struggled for years with up to four girls to a bedroom with no space to call their own.  The girls don't arrive with many personal belongings. However, what they do have is important to them and they deserve a safe place for them and their things. The bedrooms in the new home give them exactly that -- and more! The private bedrooms are designed for a single resident.   Each includes a closet for clothes and storage, television, vanity and mirror for hair and make -up.  Two other bedrooms will serve four girls who have “aged out” of foster care and are transitioning to independence.


For years Haven has survived with only two bathrooms for twelve adolescent girls and three staff. The new home will have six bathrooms for the 14 residents and staff to utilize, one of which will be ADA accessible that we do not currently have.  

No more waiting in lines!


Having a commercial kitchen where the girls will learn to prepare meals for the full house is essential to teaching them independent living skills. Our past kitchens have been residential units and did not have either the space or capacity for cooking for our group.  Fitted with a commercial refrigerator, ice machine, dishwasher, disposal and microwave will greatly enhance our cooking effectiveness and efficiency.  Our girls will learn responsibility of preparing the meals and doing the clean up.

Dining Room

Currently, the meals with the girls are split in three different areas in the house. The dining room in our “forever home” will allow the girls to be more like a family and all sit at one dining room table sharing the events of the day.

Living Room

Our homey living room is a gathering space and activity center that will allow the girls to enjoy their free time with each other. In this area they will play games, watch television and relax by the fireplace.  It provides a degree of normalcy.

Reception Area

The reception area will be a welcoming area for families and visitors.   This private space will protect confidentiality of other girls living in the home. It also provides a much-needed place for volunteer and donors to check in and bring donations (meals, clothes, etc.) 

Conference Room

The second-floor Conference Room will be a multi-purpose room for residents, staff and Board. This room will allow a private space for the girls to have visits with their siblings; other approved family members and DHS Case Workers. This space will also be used for all group therapy activities. Haven staff will also utilize it to hold their weekly client staffings, trainings and monthly Board meetings.

Study Hall/Computer Rooms

In a less than ideal situation, Haven currently has 12 girls scattered throughout the house to do their homework. The Study Hall/Computer Room in the new home will be used for private tutoring, computer, schoolwork and after-school programs (i.e. art lessons). It will ensure better supervision of their homework. 

Quiet Areas

The two quiet areas will allow the girls to get away and decompress.  They may enjoy this space for reading quietly and for small gatherings of other residents, as they are not allowed to be in each other's rooms. 

Laundry/Safe Room

We are excited about having a space that is big enough to house multiple washers and dryers allowing the girls to improve their independent living skills by doing their own laundry. This space will also include a folding station and sink area. The laundry room is constructed to double as a designated safe room, allowing the girls a refuge in the event of a natural disaster or threat. 


The Haven staff believes strongly in positive reinforcement. There is a reward system for the girls. They accumulate points for good behavior, grades, chores and respect for other residents and staff.   This room will be set up like a store with items the girls desire and can exchange their points for things like sunglasses, hats, clothing and beauty items, movie passes and gift cards.

Staff Area

It is important for the Haven staff to have a secure area where they can not only monitor the girls, but also can complete and file required paperwork on a daily basis.

Personal Care Room

The Haven staff works diligently to restore dignity and respect to the girls in our care. The Personal Care Room will establish an area for the girls to get treatment for head lice, hairs cuts, makeovers for special events and a place to do their nails. 

Exercise Room

Many of the Haven girls have not experienced healthy and nutritious lifestyles from their homes of origin. Staff works with them to teach the importance of health and wellness. The exercise room will not only allow them to become physically healthy, but also will allow them an outlet for decompressing from the stressful situations in their lives.

Professional Counseling Office

It is more comfortable for the girls to get therapy in their own home than to have to go elsewhere in yet another unfamiliar location. With this warm and inviting room, the Haven therapists will be able to do their individual and family therapy on site. 


Many Haven girls are on some type of over the counter or prescription medication. The Pharmacy will be a small room where the medication will be double locked for safety and girls can take their medication privately. The room will also feature space for staff to document and monitor daily medications.

 Telephone Booth

Since cell phones are not permitted at Haven, the telephone booth provides a private area for the girls to speak to family, friends, classmates and caseworkers.

Outside Areas

At the current home, the Haven girls have absolutely no safe outdoor space to play in or hang out. Our new home will provide many outdoor areas for these activities including basketball court, playground area, and covered porches with outdoor furniture all within a secure, private fenced yard.

Join Us in The Campaign to Support Haven

The Haven board seeks to replace its worn out four-bedroom home and to build a new “forever home” to serve its clients in a commercial grade facility with better access, space, security and privacy.

For individuals, your gift is fully tax deductible. Haven is an IRS-approved charity. The reserve funds will be invested at Centennial Bank.

In its 30 years of operation in Conway, this is our first comprehensive campaign to build a facility that is not a residential quality home. Our new commercial grade home will provide our clients and staff with a facility that will serve the growing demands of the Arkansas foster child community for years to come.

Gifts to this campaign will provide for much-needed living space for the adolescent girls who call Haven home.